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Note: Scholarship bonus problems are typically
assigned twice per week. They are marked out of
two and converted to bonus marks at the end of
the semester.


Date Homework (always due next class)
Sept 10 Course Outline, Materials, Vector Kinematics: Introduction

Homework from lesson handout booklet, Ph 11 review homework

Sept 16 Collect review homework, assigned Electricity Review sheet
Vector components problems
Sept 18 Vector addition problems as assigned from booklet
Sept Vector problems as assigned in booklet
Physics News Handed out-Scholarship Problem
Sept Vector addition, components, assign vector addition problem
Sept Navigation problems 1 (aircraft), 2 (river crossing). Homework: vector addition problem
Sept Complete navigation problems, begin review
Sept Review, begin Equilibrium Unit
Sept Test: Working with Vectors: components, addition, subtraction, river crossing,
aircraft navigation. Upcoming: Lab, Equilibrium of Forces
Oct 1 Lab: Static Equilibrium: write up through Calcs and Results (scale drawing for resultant
and components resultant)
Oct 3 Lab: complete for Friday (relative errors, extra work, lab problems)
Oct 5 Static equilibrium problems from handout
Oct 10 Return Lab Reports
Begin Rotational Equilibrium (Torques). Hwk. truck on bridge problem,
and beam problem 1
Oct 12 Rotational Equilibrium: problems from handout, pre-reading for lab
Oct 16 Rotational Equilibrium Lab. Report due Monday next. Lab problems assigned from text
Oct 22 Collected Lab Reports, Lab problems. Assigned three problems from booklet.
Oct 24 Assigned three problems from text: p 238 #5, p 240 #2, p 241 #6
Oct 26 Complete review problems for unit test
Oct 30 Unit test: Equilibrium: statics and torques, pre-reading on projectiles
Nov 1 Return test (well done!), Start Projectile Motion, assign homework: two Ph11 review sheets
Nov 5 Projectiles: booklet problems as assigned, prep for Lab
Nov 7 Lab: Projectile Motion (spark/air track)
Nov 14 Checked graphs and first half of lab report. Discussed remaining requirements:
graphs, equations, conclusions from graphs, actual acceleration units (from cm/sp^2),
vector velocities at two points (symmetry check), lab problems plus two bonus problems.
Worked on problems 1-5 in unit booklet. Complete lab for Friday.
Nov 16 Labs collected. Projectile motion problems covered in class.
Complete worksheet pages 8-13.
Nov 20 Covered worksheets 11-13. Review quizzes next class. Test: first class next week.
Next unit: Dynamics
Dec 10 Assigned problems through page 19 in unit booklet. Discussed scholarship "Santa Toy Delivery"
problem and other scholarship problems for this unit.
Dec 12 Review quizzes (in class) for Dynamics unit test on Friday
Dec 14 Semester exam review, Semester Exam Dynamics unit test.
Jan XX Pre-reading for Work/Energy/Power/Momentum unit
Pre-reading sheet includes 7 problems from SNAP book, W/E/P/Momentum unit. Work problems.
Jan XX Wrap-up problems for "Work" component (handout), begin momentum component
Jan XX Collisions in 2-D lab,  W/E/P/M test,
Feb 5 Circular Motion/Gravitation. Airplane demo, problems 1-5, 1-2, first two pages of handout, Physics News
handout with the "Party of Famous Physicists"
Feb 7 Airplane demo, recap, circular motion problems, first Bridge Building Contest handout
Feb 15 Circular Motion: satellites
Feb 20 Booklet problems on circular motion
Feb 22 Universal GPE problems, satellites, Kepler's Laws
Feb 26 Problem sheet for homework, four problems from book
Feb 28 Review quizzes: circular motion & gravitation; review package; test next class
Mar 3 Test: Circular Motion & Gravitation
Mar 5 Introduction to Electrostatics: complete field diagrams for homework
Mar 7 Parallel Plates, electric field strength: field and plate problems for homework
Mar 11 Electric potential, electric potential energy, potential difference: problems from booklet
Mar 13 Homework from booklet: electric fields, electric potential, potential difference
Mar 17 CRT Overview: terminology, example calculations. Practice graphs for homework.
Mar 16 30th Annual Bridge Building Contest
Mar 19 Lab: CRT. Data collection in class. Graphs and Lab report due first class after spring break.
Apr 29 Circuitry Test. Provincial Review Package - bring Q 1-8 done for next block
May 1 Electromagnetism: intro to unit. Homework: Bridge Construction
May 5 Electromagnetism, bridge building contest discussion
May 6 Physics Balsa Bridge Building Contest: 28th Annual
May 23 Return ElectroMag Forces Test, Continue with Induction component
Hand in Prov Rev. Set 4
May 27 Lenz's Law, Motors

Bridge Contest: March 13